Movement Church is a new church in Northern Kentucky, particularly Campbell County. We are connecting with the communities surrounding Northern Kentucky University, and the campus itself.

Mission & Values


Inviting people to join the mission of God is all about engagement. As a community, we want to send mission-minded people into their own context.



Why You Should Check Out Movement Tomorrow

28-Feb / 0 COMMENTS

I am so excited for Sunday. Well I’m always excited for Sunday but this one on March 1st is a big deal.    A year ago we launched Movement Church and Sunday we are having a birthday party. The normal stuff like coffee, great environments for your kids, awesome music and ...


March Challenge

26-Feb / 0 COMMENTS

The next six weeks for Movement Church are huge for us at Movement. Bottom line: get your friends here.   This Sunday we celebrate one year as a church! March 8th we kick off a new series called Eternal. Spoiler Alert: it is about heaven and hell. March 29th we won’t have ...


It is Birthday Week!

25-Feb / 2 COMMENTS

As we prepare to celebrate one year as a church this Sunday I’ve started reminiscing and man, a lot has happened in a year.   What sticks out the most is all the people we have met in the last 12 months, and the ways in which a new community ...


Our Priorities

05-Jan / 0 COMMENTS

Sunday was a special morning. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but there was a heightened sense of expectancy of energy. I’m chalking this all up to God’s Presence, and that for whatever reason I was more aware of it.   It was also exciting to look ahead. To dream ...